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Battery Recycling is an activity that aims to reduce the number of batteries that are disposed of as solid waste of waste. Accumulators and batteries contain a number of heavy metals and toxic chemicals, and their free disposal can cause pollution to land, water, there will the environment.

Most batteries can be recycled. Some batteries can be recycled easier, some harder, but most of the batteries can be recycled. The materials obtained by recycling can be reused, and even new batteries.

In the world of the encourages the recycling of batteries and not their disposal as household waste. In some countries, even, about 97% of lead from recycled batteries are re-used. Bear in mind that lead is highly toxic and in this way to prevent future environmental disasters. And if it is a silver-oxide batteries they contain a small amount of mercury which is also harmful to the environment. Mercury recycling can also be reused.

In order to expand awareness of the need to protect the environment, today and for future company Velko Transportation Ltd. collect used batteries and their dispatch to recycling.
Batteries are collected in containers provided for disposal of old batteries, which are then sent to a specially equipped facilities for the recycling of batteries.

Maybe you can make a battery as a minor thing, but look around you .... as much as a car, how much battery. So the best ... Let's start with a battery .... join us and bring us with your old battery and we will send it for recycling!